'91 200q20v Avant FS $3500 (not mine!)

John & Barbara Mallick mallick at mail.utexas.edu
Sun Sep 19 22:44:57 EDT 2004

I looked at this car and it is in pretty good shape; 113K miles on the 
ODO.  Spent 12 of its 13 years in CA. (no rust).  Some cosmetic issues 
(dents in lower panels of the driver's side doors and the passenger's 
side rear quarter panel) but nothing major.  It appears to be totally 
stock, grey with black interior (sport seats!).   Aftermarket Sony 
radio/CD.  Makes full boost, UFO's stop smooth and steady.   If my wife 
didn't object, I'd buy it as a keeper!  Present owner has service 
records;  I think it probably needs a T-belt.

Check out.   http://www.waltuck.net/default.php?pg=Audi

Let's go guys....save it from the scavangers!


John Mallick
200q20v,  183K

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