Front Spring removal

Brian Link BrianL at
Mon Sep 20 11:15:06 EDT 2004


Here is what I did.  
Loosen (all the way) the threaded strut collar. 
Compress the spring inside the wheel well.
Take off the top nut and remove the strut.
I used the car jack to push the a-arm down as far as possible.
Remove the spring, strut bearing, 

The tough part was getting the spring compressor in the wheel well.  I
wrapped the spring with nylon straps before jacking the car up.  Also it
made it harder to get the bearing seated.  

I'm not sure if this way was much easier than the "right way".  I have
done it both ways.  I used a 5' long 2x4 to pry the ball joint out of
the hub assembly.  

Hth Brian 

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