Suspension Q's:

Mike Pshenishny r3dmist at
Mon Sep 20 12:38:51 EDT 2004

Apples to oranges, FWIW I did not feel any increase in ride harshness
or vibration when upgrading to delrin swaybar bushings with solid
aluminum center mounts for my 951. Just seemed to allow the sway bars
to better do their job.   I'd be interested to hear your thoughts once
you get the delrin sways in.  Now control arm-to-subframe or subframe
bushings in something more solid (delrin, aluminum, urethane, etc) is
another case, which is what I believe Scott is looking to avoid.

So as a point for Scott, if he can find delrin/urethane sway bar
bushings, I would give them a shot.

'91 200q20v
'88 951

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 12:12:43 -0400, Steven Hauptmann
<hauptmanns at> wrote:
> Scott,

> A friend of mine used delrin (sp?) bushings at the swaybar to control arm
> location and reported the car (5000tq) handled much better. I actually
> bought them from him when he sold his car and I plan on installing them on
> the 200 if I can ever get around to it. Of course the ride will be stiffer
> and noisier and they will not absorb vibration like rubber bushings.

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