Suspension Q's: 2

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Mon Sep 20 16:26:33 EDT 2004

I have the Bilsteins in one wagon and the Boge Turbo gas in the other, both 
stock springs.  The Bilsteins definately add to the ride hight about 3/4". 
The Bilstein set up has the HD in rear so maybe 1" higher than Boge/stock.  
Put 600lbs of pavers into Boge car and the fenders covered top 1/4 inch of 
rear wheels.  put 750Lbs of pavers on the Bilstein car and there was still 
light on top of rear wheel.  Now if I can just figure out why drivers side 
is 1/2 higher than pass side!

From: Peter Schulz <pcschulz at>SuffolkD at, 
b.benz at

I have the Bilstein HDs with stock springs on the Indigo Wagon, Bilstein
Sports wth Eibach springs on the Grey wagon.

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