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I like the combination I have on my 200q20vtqa - H&R springs all around, Bilstien Front, Koni Adjustable rear.  The only downside is what you'ld expect from a lowered vehicle and that is clearance over giant speedbumps and other road hazards, but I've been using the car for towing with no real detriment.   I've had setups that are too harsh using the Bilstiens in other cars ( Scirocco for example), but this is nice.  She no longer wallows like a whale - and the stock struts were still in good condition.

I redid the whole front end when I did mine incl. strut bearings (they were beyond salvation and no amount of oil or grease would have put the molecules of rust back together).  new wheel bearings, and much more.


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IME Bilsteins on the 200 and V8 for stock springs are not so good -- 
agreeing with Bernie here.  With Eibach or Sachs Sport Springs (my
experience) and Bilstein Sports, the car handles/rides well in all around
driving and occasional track use.  Using larger than stock wheel/tire combos
and their associated weight makes this effect even more pronounced.


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> Subject vehicle 200 20V 3B w/ 150K 17" wheels.
> Knowing Bernie's answer, I'd like to gather suggestions for increasing the
> track handling of my daily driver. (Yes, dedicated track car would be
> Bilstein's increase ride height correct?
> If I decide to use H&R to lower 1.5", boge turbo gas sufficient?
> Are there SOME bushings that would benefit from derlin/urethane?  I "know"
> certain OEM rubber ones are best due to the travel motion of some
> points.
> Current plan is bushings, upper strut bearings, "springs" and "shocks".
> TIA -Scott by BOSTON

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