Fwd: Carfax Lookup Request

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at ntplx.net
Mon Sep 20 23:18:30 EDT 2004

Thanks to all who responded.  You folks are Great!!!

I got 4-5 offers to help with the Carfax lookup.

I'm sure you're all dying to know the outcome and...

Everything is fine!   But it's interesting how Carfax puts it.

Everything is fine as long as they don't find anything, but when they 
find something it must be a problem even if the something they find is 
that it passed the emissions inspection.  Here is the excerpted 
comments from the report that I'm talking about:

>             Problems Found!
>             Emission/Safety Inspection  Emission/Safety Inspection 
> Records
> Found
> <Snippage>
>       Vehicle History Records
>       We have searched the Experian Automotive National Vehicle 
> Database of
> insurance, DMV, and auto auction information and found the following 9
> records for this 1991 AUDI 200 . Note the highlighted rows for 
> potential
> issues that could affect the value of this vehicle.
>             Date Location Mileage Description
>             2000-12-26 CT 176000 passed emission inspection

So I wonder how many potential buyers would just gloss over the report, 
see the comment "Problems Found!"  and bail without looking further for 
explanation.  In my case it doesn't matter one way or the other.  I 
could probably  get almost as much money in tax deductions if I chose 
to donate the car to charity than I would get for selling it at this 
point for all the action I've gotten.  I was just hoping to see the car 
go to someone who would enjoy it.

But for someone else who was actually looking for real money and needed 
to sell the car "Right Now"  this kind of response from Carfax could be 
a hinderance.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled drivel,


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