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The airbag recall was a long time ago, if you are not the original owner
and do not know if the recall was done you used to be able to call AoA
or a dealer and they could look up your vin # and tell you if the recall
was done.  2 months after they "serviced" my airbag for the recall the
light came on and stayed on, when I questioned them they said obviously
it was not related.  Many other people had similar experiences after the
recall. Good luck.

David Schaible

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I, too, am having issues with my airbag light.  

what is this mysterious recall to which you refer?

-- Tom
A well-known issue (I guess not so well-known as I thought) and 
dozens of postings about it during the past few years. It's a common 
problem on these cars _after_ having the airbag recall done. One 
downside of this long light is "merely" that the airbag is 
inoperative during that period of time; the other downside is that 
passengers are always asking you about it. The problem can be 
eliminated--at least temporarily--by resetting the airbag controller 
with a VAG-COM tool.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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