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I don't understand why you want to sell it, as these are always worth more when you own them than when you go to sell them.  With that, I think a well sorted sedan like yours should get no less than $5k if you are desparate for a quick sale and really worth more like $8k, since once you add all the options over an above the base car, you have probably well over $12-15k invested in her, no?

The avants should command a higher value even, as this has got to be the most versatile car going for its day and as you know very fast - I believe the worlds fastest production wagon for its time and respectable by even todays standards.  

I put some prorated value on the items you mention***below*** to hopefully add some reality to this.  I did this when I purchased my 200q20vtqavant, as it had some of the things I knew i'd want and I paid more for the car even though there were some others available for several thousand less.  What this means is the added value for what those things probably cost you when you had them done prorated by around 50%.  That means if you paid $1000 for something, it probably is worth $500 onto the asking price of the car.  I know it doesn't seem right, and I deal with this everytime I've sold a car that I perhaps put in $5000 even if it was last week, only to sell it for $2500.


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Hi listers, I was wondering if any of you could provide some insight
into how much our cars are worth now.

I'm contemplating selling my car, wondering what it's worth:

'91 Audi 200 quattro 20v  - baseline sedan most everything working with no major problems or immediate service required = $4500  (*screw any book values as they really don't mean anything)
Black exterior, black interior (heated sport seats) - that is something I widh mine had = $500 more
156k miles = -$400
Lehmann chipset, 2.5 bar PT, stock K24 turbo, EM, MAF and injectors = +1000
New plug wires, plugs, cap, rotor, MTFS, ECU temp sensor, main
radiator and aux. radiator = $0 as this is par for the course to get the baseline price, but is worth something to the buyer to know what service was performed and when.
Timing belt at 135k = +$250 - won't need this service for another 35k or so worth a better night sleep to the new owner.
Climate control works fine - no issues, cold A/C - maybe +100 but really gets the baseline price.
Stromung Gen III turbo-back 3" SS exhaust = + 700
H&R springs, Bilstein sport shocks = +500
Porsche 996 calipers in front, SS brake lines all around = +500
V8 taillights, Bosch Euro-spec 200 headlamps (relayed harness), clear corners, side markers and indicators  = +$500
Llumar metallic grey tint- 35% sides, 20% rear - depends on the buyer, not everyong likes this
Oettinger RE 17x8 wheels, 255/40R17 Sumitomo HTR-ZII tires, exc. tread = + 300 maybe more
Sony ES headunit, a/d/s amp, Boston Acoustics component speakers,
Monster Cable wiring throughout = +300

So roughly you may have an additional $5000 over your basline price of around $5000 for rough numbers.  Assuming you can find a buyer that understands the value of the modifications and service you have had done, the car would be worth around $9-10k.  But then I ask, why are you selling it?

If I don't get the C5 Vette, I'm getting either a B5 S4 or A6 2.7T or a WRX.


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