91 200 20v No Start :(

Jeremiah Curry jercurry at comcast.net
Thu Sep 23 00:10:41 EDT 2004

Thanks Brett,

No Click sounds like the switch.  Anybody have an idea how much that should
cost or how hard it would be to do?, didn't see how in the Bentley.

thanks again,

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At 4:00 PM -0600 9/22/04, Jeremiah Curry wrote:
>Howdy all,
>Hoping you can help me figure this out.   My car suddenly won't even
>to start, the diagnostic computer says ok, and the power is fine, but when
>turn the key the rest of the way, nothing happens.  I suspect maybe the
>switch or starter, but nothing has been intermittent, or shown any sign of
>failing.  And BTDT?

Since you said stuff doesn't die when you turn the key, that rules
out the battery and terminal corrosion on the battery.

Do you hear a loud click from under the hood when you turn the key to
start?  If not, switch is busted.  If so, the ground strap on the
starter has probably corroded through(pretty much #1 cause of death
for I-5 starters).

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