Euro Light Gremlins

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> Mike,
> after your update I am still thinking relays.  If they took some abuse
> the elements, the problem will come back.  As for H4 prices, $90 pr is
> crazy.  Napa has 85/100, my favorites for ~$15 at .
> Mike

Responding to an old post from January. Recapping, I had an intermittent
problem where my Euro headlights would turn themselves on and off even
though the ignition was no turned on. Eventually, the problem became the
passenger side light was always on. My quick solution a couple months ago
was to just unplug that headlight as I wasn't doing any night driving. I did
drive it a couple times at night with just the one headlight working - in my
rural area, it wasn't a problem. Even one Euro highbeam is way better than
two highbeams in my F350. Today I finally pulled everything apart and, as
Mike suggested above, I found a bad relay. Took a little while to figure out
the wiring as I didn't have any diagram to work from. Fortunately, I had a
few spare relays laying around. While I was in there I decided to swap out
the washer fluid tank from my spare car as the pump had gone out. That was
no easy task as the frame on the spare car is bent a tad in that area. Fun
to get into the current car too.


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