tranny options

bill bleiler b_ill78 at
Sun Sep 26 12:53:28 EDT 2004

well last night the transmission went bang.  now you can just put the car into gear when running w/o pushing in the clutch, it makes a weird rattling sound that is gear dependent, IE. 2nd sounds like its spinning much faster than in first, etc.  The tranny had just turned 185k and had had the fluid last changed at 150k, it had no leaks, the clutch was done at 100k. I think it will either need a new tranny or possibly just a new clutch? Im really not sure, and doubt I will find out untill i get it apart.  What trannys could be used to replace the one that is in there, i remember reading about the possibility of a 10v tranny going in there?  Anybody BTDT with an idea of how much this will approx cost me?   If this is going to cost a lot of money i may be forced to part the car and put the motor into a 4k or 90/80.....but hopefully i can just figure out a way to do this w/o spending a small fortune...any info would be a HUGE help.

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