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Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Sep 26 13:23:36 EDT 2004

At 9:53 AM -0700 9/26/04, bill bleiler wrote:

>i remember reading about the possibility of a 10v tranny going in there?

Nope.  Final drive is wrong (200q20v is 4.11).

>   Anybody BTDT with an idea of how much this will approx cost me?

Rebuild?  Well over $1,000 just for the tranny rebuild- no 
removal/install labor.

>    If this is going to cost a lot of money i may be forced to part 
>the car and put the motor into a 4k or 90/80.....but hopefully i can 
>just figure out a way to do this w/o spending a small fortune...any 
>info would be a HUGE help.

After I bought a used transmission from a fellow lister, TMTek told 
me that they can get new 200q20v trannies from Germany for (what I 
considered) a reasonable price- I want to say it was in the ballpark 
of $500.

Unless they now stock them (which they were considering doing, in 
addition to 5/6 speeds for the s-cars), there's a delay due to 
shipping from Germany- at least 2 weeks, I think- maybe closer to a 
month.  They are located in southern NH.

Drop Glen Powell(former lister and 200q20v owner) a line if you want- 
glen at

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