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Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Sep 26 14:03:23 EDT 2004

At 10:27 AM -0700 9/26/04, bill bleiler wrote:

>I realize that the final drive is different, but will it fit? not 
>being able to go 170 isnt really an issue for me...

That's not the issue.  The rear differential has to match the front, 
which is internal to the tranny- and the rear differential is set up 
for a 4.11 final drive transmission.  You'd end up with a substantial 
front/rear speed difference and you'd destroy the center differential 
in short order (not to mention, you'd never be able to lock the 
center differential, which you can do in the older transmissions- the 
car wouldn't even start moving).

In order to go to an older 10v transmission, you'd also have to swap 
out the rear differential, which may or may not be possible.  You'd 
also loose the seatbelt pretensioning system unless you bought a 
tranny from an 1989-1990 model; any 5000's would be out since they 
don't have it, and with the airbag, it's an important system to have 

I don't even know if the older transmissions would fit, given the 3B 
clutch and flywheel are unique to the engine (larger and lighter, 
respectively, than the 10vt).

Supposedly the biturbo S4 transmission will come very close to 
fitting, but nobody's ever sat down to really figure out if it will 
work.  Charlie Smith is the best person to talk to about the 
C-platform transmissions.  Search the archives for his name, along 
with "transmission" and you'll probably hit a lot of posts on these 

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