cv joints/ axles

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Sun Sep 26 21:43:24 EDT 2004

I looked in the ETKA I have and the front axles have the same part 
number in the ETKA    447 407 271 F
I also look at the 91 200 10V and it also has the same axles ( same pn# 
) as the 20V car. The auto. cars get different axles

Chuck Pierce
91 200 tq Avant

>>   Here's the situation, i saved my old front axles from my 200q10v 
>> since they had new outer boots. Around 3 months ago i switched them 
>> with the stock 20v axles since both of the outer boots were ripped. 
>> When looking at the two original axles they look identical, but when 
>> looking for new ones they specify drivers or passengers side.  Does 
>> anybody know how to tell them apart?
> The passenger-side axle turns clockwise; the driver-side turns 
> counterclockwise. But seriously--are there no part numbers cast or 
> stamped into these pieces? More importantly--does ETKA show different 
> parts (i.e., numbers) for right and left sides?
> Anyway, I'm glad to hear you won't be forced to send her to the 
> boneyard (not yet).
> Phil

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