Control Arm Lube

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Sep 27 14:31:49 EDT 2004

I'm replacing a torn "protective cap" on the swiveling fixture in the end
of a front track control arm that slips into the bottom of the strut
housing for the wheel bearing.  The rubber cap had a tear in it.  The
grease inside the cap had a bunch of grit from the slit in the cap, I
presume.  Anyway, I wiped out all the grease/grit I could get with paper
towels and I'm ready to install a new cap.  How much and what type of
grease can I use to replace the gob I took out?  It looks like normal black
chassis lube.  Does it need to be something special for high temps or
anything?  Can I just gob some on and slip the cap into place?

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