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Mon Sep 27 15:10:35 EDT 2004


I just replaced three of the four ball joint boots, "protective caps" on my
90Q-20V.  Because the ball shaft and socket are always oriented upward in
this application I opted to relube with oil, GL-5 gear oil, as it is more
fluid than is grease.  I attached the boot to the socket with the old
retaining ring and then injected the oil between the shaft and boot before
adding the reused upper retaining ring.

These "protective caps, 431 407 377A" are about the biggest Audi rip off of
any part I've had to replace!  $0.20 worth of molded rubber for $32.ea from
the stealer, about $15 ea from Scott Mockry <sjmautoparts at>.


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> Subject: Control Arm Lube
> I'm replacing a torn "protective cap" on the swiveling fixture in the end
> of a front track control arm that slips into the bottom of the strut
> housing for the wheel bearing.  The rubber cap had a tear in it.  The
> grease inside the cap had a bunch of grit from the slit in the cap, I
> presume.  Anyway, I wiped out all the grease/grit I could get with paper
> towels and I'm ready to install a new cap.  How much and what type of
> grease can I use to replace the gob I took out?  It looks like normal black
> chassis lube.  Does it need to be something special for high temps or
> anything?  Can I just gob some on and slip the cap into place?
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