Broken door lock Thanks Audifans contributors!!!!!!!!!!!

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Mon Sep 27 21:39:21 EDT 2004

Thanks Chuck!  
There are some other Audi "friends" who help me put together a lot of that 
We're still savoring some of Roberts' Scotch he sent the "avant boys".........
I'd like to personally also thank the audifans lister(s): the original Audi 
"gods" like Chris Miller, Ti Kan, Huw, Nate and MarcSwanson,,, locals like Paul, Mike Peter and Ray, , mechanics like 
DeWitt and Larson (even Bernie on occasion) and the list(s) of other 
enthusiast's pages who have helped me figure things out..or made me dream of how to 
improve a cars performance.

I'm just the last guy in line here.
.......glad its not a soup kitchen.
-Scott by BOSTON currently finding a drum pedal in my 

> From: Chuck Pierce <>
> Well I finally got a round to pulling the door apart. I want to thank 
> the owner of the Quattro123 site the window regulator piece was a great 

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