Rear Suspension Squeak

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Sep 28 09:59:13 EDT 2004

At 9:52 PM -0700 9/27/04, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Check the ball joints on the upper link rod, the camber adjusting link.
>These can be relubed by inserting a hypo needle thru the plastic boot and
>injecting oil, BTDT, with GL-5 tranny lube.  If you need to replace just one
>of these joints, remember that they are keyed together inside the adjusting
>nut, i.e. both must be unscrewed at the same time from the adjusting nut.

I've not yet replaced (or serviced) the rear camber links, but 
probably will need to do so in at least one of our cars (the 
"low-mileage" one, naturally). However, I've had the impression that 
replacements were not available except as a complete linkage (upper 
and lower joint). Have you found a source for the separate components?


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Rochester, NY
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