Door lock is fixed

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Tue Sep 28 17:23:31 EDT 2004

Got the little plastic clips ( from Scott at SJM ) to hold the actuator 
rods in place on the drivers door.
Did the R&R thing  and closed the door,  it worked just fine, used the 
key to lock the car and that worked, then I noticed that the lock
pull rod had disappeared into the door ( damn! I had not yet put the 
door pull on. ).
Tried to get it to pop out by unlocking the door, not  a chance. Now 
with the rest of the car unlocked and the rod down in the door I fished 
it out,
but by now something was jammed in the door lock mechanism. I could not 
get it unjammed by pulling on the rod.
So now at this point the car will lock or unlock with the key and the 
actuator rod but the door is still locked
and of course the door is shut. AH what joy of what was to be a slam 
dunk quick and easy job!!!
So I pulled the passenger door apart to see if I could understand what I 
needed to do the get this to work.
When taking the door apart I discovered why my passenger door window had 
never worked,
a PO had pulled the door apart and just pulled the window regulator 
motor and put a small C clamp on
 the track to keep the window up ( well at least the trouble shooting of 
this problem will be easy!).
Ended up climbing into the car ala NASCAR and driving down to a friends 
shop and using one
of his tools from his door lock (Slim Jim ) kit to unjam the lock mechanism.
So at the moment it works as it should.
So much for a nice easy little job!!

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq Avant

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