Red-hot turbo

Rbade12 at Rbade12 at
Wed Sep 29 09:16:04 EDT 2004

 I took my daughter to school this morning and drove  a couple miles extra to 
get things warm. Upon arrival at home I popped  the hood and the 
turbo/manifold is red-hot with smoke coming off it. My drive  wasn't a hard, keeping boost 
up, kind of drive. I took the car back out and  drove about very sedately to 
cool things down. 
 So, I'm thinking this can't be good. 
 A factor in this could be- When it gets cold [it was 42 this AM] I  believe 
my rear main seal weeps and causes clutch slippage. This morning I felt  this 
slippage some and compensated by getting revs up ...perhaps I did get the  
turbo spinning more then I thought, however I don't remember [or didn't notice]  
a red-hot turbo before.
 Am I to be concerned? Anyone have a rear main seal leak cause clutch  
slippage? Is there an easy way [versus Bentley's rather confusing] method to  
determine the cause of the red light next to the outside temp button flashing  for a 
minute or so after starting [actually turning the key to run]? I've pulled  
ECU error codes and there are none. One tough is clutch replacement  
[I've done clutches on FWD and RWD but never AWD]?
Thanks for our help

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