ECU upgrade

John Stroud jstroud at
Wed Sep 29 20:29:53 EDT 2004

	Greetings. I just put an RS2 turbo on my otherwise-stock '91 200q 20v, and
I'm now looking for a modified ECU.  I would like to get the RS2 exhaust
manifold soon, but would like get an ECU that works well without it.  I
heard that Mihnea Cotet had specific software for this setup, but: 1) are
there other sources; and 2) anybody have a current e-mail address for
Mihnea?  Thanks.

P.S.  This list has been invaluable to me in managing to maintain and repair
this car over the last five years.  Thanks.  It's still an amazing car to me
and I plan to spend a few bucks on go-fasters for it now.

John Stroud
Santa Fe, NM
'91 200Q 20v, 122K

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