ECU upgrade

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Sep 29 20:50:22 EDT 2004

> From: "John Stroud" <jstroud at>
> Greetings. I just put an RS2 turbo on my otherwise-stock '91 200q 20v, and
> I'm now looking for a modified ECU.  I would like to get the RS2 exhaust
> manifold soon, but would like get an ECU that works well without it.  I
> heard that Mihnea Cotet had specific software for this setup, but: 1) are
> there other sources; and 2) anybody have a current e-mail address for
> Mihnea?  Thanks.
Not an email address to which he will respond.  Has he turned flake?

> P.S.  This list has been invaluable to me in managing to maintain and repair
> this car over the last five years.  Thanks.  It's still an amazing car to me
> and I plan to spend a few bucks on go-fasters for it now.
> John Stroud
> Santa Fe, NM
> '91 200Q 20v, 122K

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