windshield wiper motor woes

Charles Baer charlie at
Wed Apr 6 11:08:04 EDT 2005

Both my sedan and avant hoods bump the wipers when opening.  Both
hoods are aligned with adjacent surfaces at the edges and the wiper arms
are on the correct sides.  The sedan has a subtle crease on the front of the
hood that could be to blame, but that wouldn't explain why the wagon has
the problem.

I put it down to tight clearance when built, combined with age and possibly
a PO failure to obey that classic need for frequent lube.  15 years of
up and
down with too much binding has probably tweaked the hinge arms, hopefully
in a way that can still be adjusted to compensate.


PeterBergin at wrote:

>I will have to check mine.  Since I have owned the car, the driver side 
>touches the hood, and when you open the hood it bumps the arm.  I have checked the 
>arm mounting several times and the hood appears to be aligned fine.  However I 
>have not checked for left and right side switch.
>91 Avant
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