Alarm woes

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Apr 6 11:33:14 EDT 2005

> My previous post on this topic garnered no responses (ask a dumb
> question?)
> so I'll try again with what is hopefully a better-phrased inquiry.  I am
> experiencing a frustrating problem with the driver's side door lock/alarm.
> When I lock the car on the driver's side, the alarm chirps and arms.
> However, when I unlock on the same side, the alarm stays armed, and
> immediately goes off when I insert the key in the ignition.  I have to get
> out of the car, proceed over to the passenger side, and turn the key until
> the alarm stops.
> Have any listers experienced a similar problem?  Can you
> recommend a repair
> procedure?  Is it possible to disconnect the alarm without
> compromising the
> door lock system?

I guess it's possible that the little indexed-gear alarm switch on the lock
cylinder could be messed up, but let's start with the obvious elderly type44
question: have you looked inside the bellows at the door hinge area for
broken wires? My alarm wouldn't arm or disarm from the driver's side when
one of the wires there broke, perhaps you've broken a different wire.


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