windshield wiper motor woes

George Sidman sidman at
Wed Apr 6 11:58:52 EDT 2005

I made the mistake one time, when re-installing my wiper 
assembly, of not tucking the assembly up under the mounting 
points, but bolting it on top. The result - bingo! the arms 
hit the hood. I bet this is a common problem because it is 
so easy to do.

Also, I had the grinding noise a few years ago, and finally 
figured out that the wiper pivots were dried out. So, I 
removed the whole assembly, took it all apart, relubed the 
pivots and everything else, and all has been good since. 
When re-assembling you must make sure the cams and arms 
return to the park position relative to the motor off 
position, and make sure the motor shaft nut is really tight. 
I put in an extra hardened washer and used locktite.

To get everything to park correctly, remove the arms, cycle 
the motor to the park position, then re-install the arms 
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