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My alarm was also acting strange in ways similar to yours; in addition, locking the driver's door did not lock all the other doors.  The problem miraculously healed itself upon re-connecting the battery after it had been disconnected for 90 minutes for an alternator job.  In the 2 weeks since, the alarm and door locks continue to function properly.
Worth a shot, I'd guess.
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My previous post on this topic garnered no responses (ask a dumb question?)<br>so I'll try again with what is hopefully a better-phrased inquiry.  I am<br>experiencing a frustrating problem with the driver's side door lock/alarm.<br>When I lock the car on the driver's side, the alarm chirps and arms.<br>However, when I unlock on the same side, the alarm stays armed, and<br>immediately goes off when I insert the key in the ignition.  I have to get<br>out of the car, proceed over to the passenger side, and turn the key until<br>the alarm stops.<br><br>Have any listers experienced a similar problem?  Can you recommend a repair<br>procedure?  Is it possible to disconnect the alarm without compromising the<br>door lock system?<br><br>Thanks, Mark <br>91 200q20v 117k miles<br><br><br>_______________________________________________<br>200q20v mailing list<br>

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