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Thu Apr 7 12:11:11 EDT 2005

You can get non-turbo eurolights for much less. The look is a little
different, but I actually like it. You need to swap the grill for a
non-turbo grill which cost me about $25 when I last found one in a salvage

The light output from the non-turbo eurolights is far superior to the
pathetic lights we got in the USA on these cars. I have not driven turbo
eurolights, but I cannot imagine that they are much better in terms of
output. I am very very pleased with the light output from my non-turbo

I really like the non-turbo eurolights - so much in fact that I have done
this upgrade to three different Type 44 Audi turbos. See them at:


If you want real German (i.e. Bosch or Hella) non-turbo eurolights, they
come up occasionally on ebay. I have purchased at least 2.5 sets from ebay.
You have to be a bit careful because the reflectors may not be as shiny as
you would like with the used lights.

If you do not mind Depo knock offs from Taiwan, they are $150 per _set_
new. Corner lights for these headlights sell for $30 per pair new.

I have an extra set of these non-turbo eurolights that I would let go for
$100 plus shipping from Tiffin, OH to you.

For less than $1800 more, I will sell you the entire 1989 200q Avant 10v
including the non-turbo eurolights.

Eric Kissell
Tiffin, OH 44883
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