Shaking in the rain - solved (maybe)

Dave C dconner at
Thu Apr 7 16:01:52 EDT 2005

A few people replied with helpful advice re: the possibility that
something was being deformed by the water ... either drooping
heatshield pushing against the driveshaft, or differential cooling of
the exhaust causing warping and pushing against the driveshaft.

I crawled under the car again and found there is no heat shielding on
the Type 44 which could interfere with the driveshaft.  But I did find
a polished area on front half of the driveshaft where there was
minimal clearance with the exhaust ... maybe only 1/4 inch of
clearance.  So it does appear splashing water on the hot exhaust could
have been causing it to deform and push against the driveshaft.  I
loosened the cat to exhaust bolts and was able to shift things and
increase the clearance to about 1/2 inch.

I don't know for certain that this solves the problem because I can't
re-create the conditions right now for a definitive test, but it looks
promising.  Time will tell the tale.

 Thanks to everyone who replied.
 - -
Dave C.

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