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Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Thu Apr 7 16:03:39 EDT 2005

That would be Ted Fisher from Walnut Creek. Eibach Pro's  with Koni's, 
16" V8 BBS wheels, Euro lights and a bunch of little details that have 
come out very sweet!
He is very meticulous about the upkeep.
He is the reason/blame for me getting my avant. I strive to get my car 
that well sorted out, but I am just not as meticulous in getting things 

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq Avant

George Sidman wrote:

> Who was driving South on Hwy 1 by Ft. Ord on Wednesday afternoon in a 
> neatly tricked out '91 Indigo Avant? License "EURO SUV." I almost 
> drove off the road.

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