200 Ignition Switch Replacement

Abe Berman yellowcuda at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 16:50:52 EDT 2005

Update for all of you.  I replaced this part despite the audi putting
up a good fight.  The loctite on these set screws (jeweler's size
flathead btw) required using a vice-grip wrench around the screw
driver to loosen!

Car is back together and I still have the same problem, key not
springing back from start position.  In addition, airbag light now on,
gotta love it.

Any advice out there for a frustrated audi owner?


On Mar 29, 2005 2:11 PM, Abe Berman <yellowcuda at gmail.com> wrote:
> Patient is a 91 200tq20v
> I was experiencing the classic "key not returning from start to run
> position" symptom, so I purchased "PN 4A0 905 849 ignition starter
> switch" from stealer and set to work last night.
> Removed top of steering column cover, removed trim strip, removed
> cluster.  Still can't get to switch due to large metal dash frame bar
> obscuring it, although I can see it with a mirror (or in my case, a cd
> I had in the car).  I then attempted to remove the knee bar for access
> from below, but it seems to be hung up on the left side by the door.
> I saw the two philips head screws on the bottom of the knee bar (after
> contorting my body due to tiny door opening from parking in a tight
> garage space, way to think ahead on that one, DOH!@%$).  I have it
> partially off, but I don't want to crack the wood strip by forcing it.
> Any ideas?
> Bentley shows the earlier dash with parcel shelf instead of knee bar,
> I am assuming it is pre-airbag.  I have searched the archives and come
> up with some dead-end threads, although it seems Larry Leung may have
> had a similar issue removing the kneebar.
> Also, is there a set screw that holds the switch in (similar to s6)?
> Any help is greatly appreciated as I had to borrow GF's car today to
> get to work and that is not viewed kindly around the homestead.... She
> may be praising the virtues of the old 4kq soon if this keeps up.
> TIA,
> Abe
> Burlington, VT

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