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Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Mon Apr 11 17:12:39 EDT 2005

Hello George

I spoke to Ted on Friday. From the way he tells the story our 200tq 
Avant family almost lost a member while you were checking out his car.
The worst part of someone telling Ted his car is "neatly tricked out" is 
he will be more full of himself than normal ( which can be quite a bit )!
There is a small repair shop in Walnut Creek that Ted has work on his 
car. Honest, reliable and low key. Frank checked my car out when
I brought it home from Oklahoma and fixed that major stuff he found. I 
tend to do most of my own work ( a budgetary concept & I like to work on 
the cars for relaxation ).
As if working on an Audi is relaxing!
If I have to get something major done they will be the ones to do it.
Sorry they are not closer to home for you.


European Autoservice
Frank and Tomas
Father & Son

George Sidman wrote:

> Chuck:    Thanks for the pointer to Ted Fisher. Who do you guys use to 
> help you look after your cars? We have no Audi-specific wrenches in 
> the Monterey area, and the local dealer is not an option. I would not 
> mind having to use a mechanic in the San Jose area.

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