Suspension Upgrades

Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Apr 15 22:29:57 EDT 2005

At 3:37 PM -0700 4/15/05, Emy wrote:
>  235/45/17 fills the wheel well

Sorry, but I've never quite understood the significance of that 
commonly made assertion to the effect that some tire and wheel size 
"fills the wheel well beautifully". The 235/45x17   has a tire height 
that is not more than 0.15" larger than the 215/60x15 stock size. So 
overall size cannot account for what is meant by "fills the wheel 
well beautifully". I guess this exuberance must be motivated by the 
sight of that additional alloy? Does this mean that a 20" wheel/tire 
could fill that space even more beautifully (!!!) or is there some 
magic proportion to strive for? ;-)


P.S. I like the looks of Ingo's car, too.

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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