'91 TQW for Sale Now (New Hampshire)

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Sat Apr 16 23:27:40 EDT 2005

Hi Folks,

      I'm selling my '91 200TQW located in NH.

      Will hit Ebay in a few days.

Rough Details:

In the last year and less than 10,000 miles:

"NEW" steering rack 
Timing Belt, Water Pump, Seal, tensioner, etc.
Completely rebuilt steering pump
Ignition Switch (has separate key)
NEW Alternator
All NEW rear calipers, rotors, pads, brake hoses

Like a moron, I backed into my own trailer and scraped the side of 
the right rear quarter and a bit of the rear door... I've had the 
body fixed and painted... looks good, have to look extremely hard to 
notice but don't want to be accused of not being "up front" about it.
  There were a few other spots where some rust was creeping in, and I 
had that ALL FIXED as well.

Car looks very nice now.  Plenty of pictures available for the asking.

Bunch of expensive junk ALL done....

Some stitching on the front drivers seat let go... I'm still working on
getting a local upholsterer fix this...will be done or I'll refund cost 
of having it done.


Eibachs and Bilsteins.... great shape, handles SMARTLY  for a big 
wagon.. pleasant and firm ride.

Known issues:

A/C Not working, do not know problem, could be EZ, could be hard.

Boost does not always pull to 1.8 (is chipped, chip manufacturer 
unknown, says Autosport on the chip) and the boost problem "seems" to be related 
to operating temperature.

   My guess is that its one sensor or another, but when it pulls, it pulls
   just as it should, will pull 1.8 sometimes in the middle of a drive, and
   then not ... and just pull 1.2

SMALL rust creeping in on the tailgate... pic shows.

That's it.

About 187,000 miles, Mobil 1 used exclusively since at least 90,000 
miles, no proof what was used before that.  
Engine is tip top.  Will have fresh oil change and full tank of gas 
at sale.

Bridgestone RE950's in great shape... tons of mile left to go.

NICE high power Panasonic CD Player/5 CD Changer in rear.

Titanium exterior, grey leather, comfort seats.

So, Royal, why are you selling a car with all the expensive junk now fixed?

I've got too many cars, and finally, some nice ones, and a 6 month old son.

Can't afford to be a collector anymore... sadly.

E-mail me at ROYAL at milepostfinancial.com for more details or to talk 
about the car....

Car WILL be sold... looking for $5K to drive it away... good solid 
ride, not perfect, should be cheap to run for quite a long time.

Paul Royal

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