Front Strut insert replacement

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at
Sun Apr 17 00:02:06 EDT 2005

To do it, you will have to jack the car up sufficiently (and always use
jackstands) so that you can get the Channel locks between the coils.  I
suggest putting the nut back on the top before doing this.  Also, in my
experience, it is a good idea (especially when working with gas-pessurized
strut inserts like Bilsteins) to have the supension raised a bit anyway.
You might be surpised what force theose things have.


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> Ingo:
> Yes, that's it, Its called the strut cartridge cap.  So how do you get  a
> channel lock on the cap to take it off.  I am not wanting to take off the
> springs?  I am assuming you work at it from the wheel well.
> Tom
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