Subject: Hanging rear caliper

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Another issue:  some people with original (read: old) rubber brake 
lines have them fail internally and act as a restriction to the system. 
  The force to apply brakes goes by the restriction, but it doesn't 
fully release the pressure in the caliper, leaving the brakes hanging 
up.  As the brake drags, the rotor heats up, and heat runs into the 
caliper, causing the fluid to expand; generating more pressure etc. and 
the caliper grabs the rotor even more firmly.

Moral:  consider replacing the rear lines if they're looking old and 

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Great, I thought it was an even F/R bias, so if the left was free so 
was the right. I'll try and see if this is the cause. The condition it 
is trying to save me from is very unlikey to occur under my wives 
stewardship that if it is determined to be bad, I think I'd bypass vs 
>There's a load sensitive proportioning valve over the left rear; then 
the >line runs across to the right rear. Part way there it goes into a 
big >cylinder with a moving weight that is supposed to keep the right 
rear from >locking under a hard corner. Perhaps that is stuck? 
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