Hanging rear caliper Bernie says:

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Sun Apr 17 23:08:29 EDT 2005

Bernie et al:
While the E-brake could be the issue, (one side not releasing) there IS a 
proportioning valve for Left vs. Right.  This ALSO could lead to unmatched 
caliper pad wear side to sdie (L&R)
Strangely, the "Valve" is on the right side of the car towards the caliper 
AFTER the "Distributor" #15 in "the family album" PN# 803 611 755, the way its 
drawn, it would seem to only affect the right rear (passenger) side 
Similarly, the piston when extended far out at near full travel will droop, 
or cock out of alignment.  Seen that one.
-Scott by BOSTON
> From: Bernie Benz <b.benz at charter.net>
> Mike,
> How do you know that the "binding" is not ebrake related?  Does the lever
> always return to its stop when you release the ebrake?  What did you do to
> the caliper between the R and R?  If your problem were the proportioning
> valve or MC, both sides would act the same.
> Bernie
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> From: Bernie Benz <>
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> To: Kneale Brownson <>, Peter Schulz
> Come on, get real, Kneale and Peter!
> Pistons can not extend far enough to drop out of the caliper seals, unless
> one forgets to install the rotor.  Using the passive pad wear detectors, I
> routinely wear my pads down to where the backing plates touch the rotor
> ridges.  Further, there is no piston "cocking force", tendency for the
> piston to cock or jam within the caliper bore.  They do get sludged up form
> lack of fluid change though.

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