Urq T-shirt - Taking orders - Deadline 4/22

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Apr 18 12:15:58 EDT 2005


A quick reminder - Orders are now being taken for the ur-quattro t-shirt through this Friday April 22.  Thompson Smith (who did the Audifans shirt a few years back) has completed the design and it can be seen here:

Here's the latest updated graphics - with a blue car and corrected spelling.


Long and short sleeve available.

Both shirts have the graphic on the back and ur-quattro Registry logo on the breast. Long Sleeve gets the "quattro" up the left sleeve so it can be read from outside the car when you drive with your arm on the door.

The color of the shirt will be light grey - technically called "light ash" (lighter grey than the Audifans t-shirts a few years back) and they will be printed on very high quality (100% heavyweight cotton) Gildan shirts. 

Sizes available are S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Price will be $24 for short sleeve and $25 for long sleeve INCLUDING SHIPPING anywhere in Continental US.  Canada may be more?  Overseas - contact me directly.

To order - send me:

1.  NAME
2.  ADDRESS for shipping

I have been on these lists long enough so that many of you know me by now - certainly every person on the Urq List knows me - many in person - so I will reiterate - payment must accompany your order. 

The Deadline is set for FRIDAY APRIL 22.

For payment use PAYPAL OR you can send  me a check:

Brandon Rogers
Terrix Financial
1777 S. Harrison # 507
Denver, CO 80210

My Paypal account:
brogers at terrix.com

Assuming enough shirts are sold to cover the costs - I will also be making a donation with any proceeds to Audifans for these great Lists.

Feel free to pass this on to any Audi enthusiast - or other Lists - I only sent it to the Urq List, 200 20V, QList, and A4...

I hope you like the shirt-


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