Euro Headlights

michael mdearing at
Mon Apr 18 13:04:36 EDT 2005

Glad to see you are on the Euro headlight topic.

I installed the turbo lights on my 91 200 20v two years ago, along with 
a direct to battery relay kit, all from 2Bennett. Great pattern, lots 
of light. I live in the country and the brights save me from deer.
There are two problems that arose after installation, (1) bulb out 
warning on the telltale and (2) lights will not come off bright without 
turning the lights completely off.
(1) I cured by bending the pin on the light relay per a suggestion 
somewhere on this list.
(2) I have not figured out yet. I know of one other 91 200 20v owner on 
the list who had this problem but has sold his car.

Has anyone figured out how to cure this? Going in the dark, even for a 
couple of seconds, on a country road is too exciting and completely 
unacceptable to passengers.
- michael

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