Subject: Hanging rear caliper

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Mon Apr 18 19:36:38 EDT 2005

Or if they have 155K miles on them.  Should have added all lines 12 months 

>Moral:  consider replacing the rear lines if they're looking old and 
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>Great, I thought it was an even F/R bias, so if the left was free so was 
>the right. I'll try and see if this is the cause. The condition it is 
>trying to save me from is very unlikey to occur under my wives stewardship 
>that if it is determined to be bad, I think I'd bypass vs replace. 
>>There's a load sensitive proportioning valve over the left rear; then
>the >line runs across to the right rear. Part way there it goes into a big 
> >cylinder with a moving weight that is supposed to keep the right rear 
>from >locking under a hard corner. Perhaps that is stuck? 
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