Euro Headlights

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Another possibility to consider is a marginal headlight switch in the
steering column.  I know, the relays have reduced the load to next to
nothing, but if they were "on the verge" before, it's certainly a

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> I'd have to agree with the poor relay setup as well...or are you sure you
> also connected the low beam input wire to the relayed harness in a solid
> manner?
> I find this somewhat interesting as I've had a similar problem on my car
> however very intermitently, and I'm using the harness from Blau.  The
> usually work fine, but I think three or four times, I've had my lights
> work on the brites.  I know it's not corroded relays as I switched the
> relays around and problem happened again after that, nor is it a bad
> as there is a single common ground for the entire relayed wiring loom.
> In my case, the only other thing I could think of was a bad connection
> the low beam wire in the factory loom to the low beam input on the relayed
> harness.  I haven't been able to kill my problem due to it's
> intermitance...whenever I get in to try and fix it, the problem has gone
> away.  So at this point things work fine through no effort on my part.
> Derek P
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> Glad to see you are on the Euro headlight topic.
> I installed the turbo lights on my 91 200 20v two years ago, along with
> a direct to battery relay kit, all from 2Bennett. Great pattern, lots
> of light. I live in the country and the brights save me from deer.
> There are two problems that arose after installation, (1) bulb out
> warning on the telltale and (2) lights will not come off bright without
> turning the lights completely off.
> (1) I cured by bending the pin on the light relay per a suggestion
> somewhere on this list.
> (2) I have not figured out yet. I know of one other 91 200 20v owner on
> the list who had this problem but has sold his car.
> Has anyone figured out how to cure this? Going in the dark, even for a
> couple of seconds, on a country road is too exciting and completely
> unacceptable to passengers.
> - michael
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