Euro Headlights

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Apr 19 14:29:17 EDT 2005

So to get this straight, you're talking about the switch on the steering 
column and one wire in particular at that location?  If this has happened 
more than once (ie in other cars), it almost sounds like there's too much 
current going through that wire...which seems to make no sense given the 
switching function of the wire in question within a relayed setup.

I'm guessing to get at and repair that wire, one would first need to remove 
the steering wheel...after disabling the airbag?  Interesting too that it's 
only the low beam wire, but I guess that's the current track the gets used 
the vast majority of the time.

Derek P

>Derek, that sounds like a headlight switch problem rather than the harness.
>  After I relayed V8#1, we experienced several times the loss of dims when
>switching from hi to low.  I eliminated that by replacing the one wire
>where the connector plastic had melted prior to relaying and replacing the
>connector housing itself.  I think when the plastic melted, it got into the
>metal connector.  I'd tried cleaning/wire brushing that, but it didn't
>solve the problem.  Replacing the wire did.
>At 09:28 AM 4/19/2005 -0700, Derek Pulvino wrote:
> > I've had a similar problem on my car
> >however very intermitently, and I'm using the harness from Blau.  The 
> >usually work fine, but I think three or four times, I've had my lights 
> >work on the brites.  I know it's not corroded relays as I switched the
> >relays around and problem happened again after that, nor is it a bad 
> >as there is a single common ground for the entire relayed wiring loom.
> >
> >In my case, the only other thing I could think of was a bad connection 
> >the low beam wire in the factory loom to the low beam input on the 
> >harness.  I haven't been able to kill my problem due to it's
> >intermitance...whenever I get in to try and fix it, the problem has gone
> >away.  So at this point things work fine through no effort on my part.
> >

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