Oil Smoke from exhaust

wagons at sover.net wagons at sover.net
Wed Apr 20 16:51:08 EDT 2005

Chuck, I had this problem before a timing belt service on my car, and it
went away after. Among other things, I had the cam and crank seals
replaced, and a leak was eliminated in a long hose that runs front to back
down on the passenger side of the engine-- not the skinny hose that is up
top under the metal shield, but a hose that is about 1/2 I.D. and located
deeper in the compartment.

I never did get a good answer about which hose it is-- the mechanic's
English is not great-- but he implied the leak was allowing oil to
accumulate, then get blown into the turbo when I drove off after idling.
Both the excess oil consumption and the smoke cleared up when it was
replaced, at about 168,000 miles.

Dan Wing

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