Hanging rear caliper

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 20 19:45:54 EDT 2005

Well, a day without a hanging chad and emergency avoided, right?  Not with 
my Audis.  Day care is about 4 miles from home and rear pads et all are 
virtually on fire, bystanders thought we had another new Pope!
Pulled the wheel and pads were worn 3/4's down.  Aside from the signs of hi 
temp heat cycling, all seemed visually OK.  Guide pins, OK, puck seals OK, 
lines OK.  I went to reload puck for kicks and it would not budge!
Put a nice long spanner on my correct piston recoil tool and it was frozen.  
Can't tell if it was cause or symptom.  When I pull caliper totally off, 
I'll check under the seal for hard rust cause that is what it feels like.  
Ordered the replacement cal (lifetime warr) and hopefully will have in by 
tomorrow PM with new pads.

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