Hanging rear caliper

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Wed Apr 20 21:03:21 EDT 2005


I look forward to your report on the condition of the piston.
BTW, try backing off on the piston recoil tool (ie go counter clockwise a 
bit and then clockwise) to get it to turn in


At 07:45 PM 4/20/2005, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>Well, a day without a hanging chad and emergency avoided, right?  Not with 
>my Audis.  Day care is about 4 miles from home and rear pads et all are 
>virtually on fire, bystanders thought we had another new Pope!
>Pulled the wheel and pads were worn 3/4's down.  Aside from the signs of 
>hi temp heat cycling, all seemed visually OK.  Guide pins, OK, puck seals 
>OK, lines OK.  I went to reload puck for kicks and it would not budge!
>Put a nice long spanner on my correct piston recoil tool and it was frozen.
>Can't tell if it was cause or symptom.  When I pull caliper totally off, 
>I'll check under the seal for hard rust cause that is what it feels like.
>Ordered the replacement cal (lifetime warr) and hopefully will have in by 
>tomorrow PM with new pads.
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