Oil Smoke from exhaust

sbhack at ntplx.net sbhack at ntplx.net
Wed Apr 20 23:32:37 EDT 2005

My 20v @ 103k uses no oil, i.e. no level drop in 5k -10k.  Use (since 63k) 
5w40 synth.

Sold an '86 5k turbo a few years back (wish I still had it) with 160k on it 
.... never saw any drop in oil level (used Syntec 5W50 since 24k).

Current daily driver is '88 5k avant .... uses a Q in about 3-5k miles (was 
not taken care of in it's first 65k).

Brides'  '97 A6 Q V6 uses a Q in about 5k,  currently at 113k .... has been 
the same since 44k (I always use 5W40 synth).  Used more oil with dino.

Nothing smokes though.

Steve H.

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