Oil Smoke from exhaust

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Apr 20 23:57:36 EDT 2005

Sean, the best straight man I've had in recent times!

Just lucky, or DIY without fat wallet fad frills?  Bought the '90 90Q-20V at
90K and the '91 200-20V at 76K, now at 160K and 200K respectively.  Neither
have since seen the inside of a for hire wrench's shop for anything.  Oil
changes of 20/50 or such on sale "dyno" oils done randomly at 10K to 14K
intervals (only in the comfortable seasons).  Orange oil filters changed at
2 or 3X those intervals.  Normally not heavy on the throttle, to acheive 26
to 29 MPG, always regular gas, but do cruise at 85 or so here in NV.  Great,
reliable cars here in snow country, and cheap to own.


> From: "Sean" <coonhound at myway.com>
> Never in my 36 year life have I heard of any original vehicle with 160k-195k
> miles burning or otherwise using a meager quart of oil in 7-10k miles.
> Friends who buy brand new cars (including Audis) occasionally report this, but
> I, having never owned a car newer than 12 years old (Toyotas, Volvos, VWs, a
> '69 Roadrunner and an '87 5ktq sedan), and having always kept extremely close
> tabs on MPG and oil consumption, have never seen anything remotely resembling
> such a figure in any vehicle of that mileage.
> Further, I believe I remember a recent oil use thread among 200 20v owners
> which seemed to arrive at a general concensus of 1 qt/ 1000-2000 miles or so.
> Why is it that Bernie's cars are so friggin perfect?
> Sean
> --- On Wed 04/20, Bernie Benz wrote:
> Do a compression check, with and without oil, to determine if it is
> valves<br>or rings.  Likely intake valve stem seals also.  700/qt is not good.
> My<br>20Vs, original, get 7K to 10K/qt at 160K and 195K,
> respectively.<br><br>Find the source of the PS leak.  Most probably one of the
> cylinder head<br>O-rings, a cheap fix.<br><br>Bernie<br><br>> From: Chuck
> Pierce <cpcycle at earthlink.net><br>> Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 12:18:59 -0700<br>>
> To: 200 list <200q20v at audifans.com><br>> Subject: Oil Smoke from exhaust<br>>
> <br>> Went on a little drive this weekend, it was an easy casual drive.<br>>
> Arrived at destination and spoke with someone for a minute or two (<br>>
> engine running, at idle)<br>> Blipped throttle and saw the blue haze of oil
> smoke.<br>> This car does have one cylinder that  the plug looks pretty gunked
> up<br>> when pulled out ( compared the proper nice gray color of the
> rest).<br>> Ideas and opinions please.<br>> I am thinking cylinder rings vs
> valve guide seals, since!
> it came at an<br>> idle vs deceleration.<br>> The engine has been using oil (
> qt per 700 mi.)<br>> Could a head gasket have a leak and cause something like
> this?<br>> There is no oil leak on the outside of the engine.<br>> Even though
> it looks like I will doing a seal overhaul on the PS pump(<br>> there is a
> seepage there.

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