Euro Headlights - Hi to Low

michael mdearing at
Fri Apr 22 09:12:59 EDT 2005

Are you sure what you saw was not the brights staying on when you 
switched to low?
Are you sure that was connector plastic which melted? There was a small 
circuit board in the cable harness that looked like a connector.
Does anyone have a circuit diagram for the Blau relay circuit?
- michael

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> Derek, that sounds like a headlight switch problem rather than the 
> harness.
>  After I relayed V8#1, we experienced several times the loss of dims 
> when
> switching from hi to low.  I eliminated that by replacing the one wire
> where the connector plastic had melted prior to relaying and replacing 
> the
> connector housing itself.  I think when the plastic melted, it got 
> into the
> metal connector.  I'd tried cleaning/wire brushing that, but it didn't
> solve the problem.  Replacing the wire did.

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