[audi20v] RE: Strut Insert Choices

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Mon Apr 25 14:53:58 EDT 2005

McPherson suspension struts do not have an infinite life!  The strut's rod
bushings and piston wear rings are subject to wear, inasmuch as they must
transmit the transverse cornering, braking, and acceleration suspension
forces to the chassis.  Such wear alters, degrades the strut's rebound
damping characteristics such that, even short of catastrophic failure, a
strut is at end of life at 40K or 50K.  Only Koni(to my knowlege) provides a
rebound damping adjustment that can be used to compensate for this wear to a
point.  Good thing too, as Konis are more susceptible to this type wear than
are most struts, which have larger rod and piston diameters than Koni uses,
thus more bearing area for this reason.


> From: "Tony B" <absolutcq20v at hotmail.com>
> I had H&Rs with Boge TurboGas shocks for about 3 years.  During a recent
> install of Bilsteins inserts, I found out that the Boges were SHOT.  I put
> on about 40k miles while I had the Boges, but would imagine that they should
> have held up better.  Was it the fact that I used them with the H&Rs?...I
> dunno, but seems like more than a coincidence.
> TonyB
> 90 CQ - 330k miles, 12k w/ Bilstein/H&R combo

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