shifter removal (now short shift kit)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Apr 26 17:58:04 EDT 2005


Ok, you found me out, a little self aggrandizement.  I know nothing of 
billzcat (although I did like that comic strip), just feeling a little 
punchy with all the work they're piling on top of me here...and don't foget 
Alan C helped in the process too.

Derek P

>>In the end, I guess that just means bizzcat won't be hearing from me...or 
>>maybe I can put together another custom manufacured group purchase that 
>>winds up coming out several months late, but has as saving graces 
>>impeccable customer service and product quality :)
>Do you know something negative concerning  billzcat's service/quality? Or 
>are you just alluding to the fact that you and Bernie did an outstanding 
>job with the distr. gear job? ;-)

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