shifter removal

Matthew Dobson snoop-dobb at
Tue Apr 26 19:22:22 EDT 2005

Phil Rose wrote:
> Yes, the '91 200q seems to be part of that series. This appears to be
> well-made and at a pretty reasonable price, IMHO. Too bad that he
> (Billzcat) didn't think to inform _this_ group about the group-buy
> (deadline was in early March). Or did I just miss an announcement here?
> Has anyone heard feedback yet on how well it works?
> Anyone else interested (if another group buy is possible)?
> Phil

I'd be interested in a short-throw shifter group buy.  That's one of the
few annoying things about the car.  It kills me, having to move my hand
halfway across the center console during shifting, though it does give
other cars on the road a *chance*. :)


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